Alpha Development-0.11.1 Release

The 0.11 branch took longer than anticipated. I would not recommend using this version on a production machine as it was a functionality sprint, there will be a lot of annoying bugs within it. The following features were implemented in the 0.11 branch;

  • The start of construction of an API
  • Implementation of GeoCoding for campuses
  • Requirements now have a simple status
  • Document uploads for Requirements and Requirement Items
  • Menu has been adjusted to show different menu items for different permission levels
  • Implementation of a kanban board
  • Added a “To Do” list to projects/tasks
  • Reimplementation of the permission modules
  • Implementation of a bugzilla feed

The plan ahead

The month of April will have us testing, finding and fixing bugs for NearBeach. It will also be a good time for us to sit down and plan the next stage of NearBeach. What will need to be implemented, what will need to be designed etc. Essentially a road map will be constructed.

Once the road map has been constructed, we will start applying for funding. The idea is that we would like a month off work to work on many new features to NearBeach. A month off work will give us the ability to implement many new features and market NearBeach.

Marketing NearBeach is now a MUST. Why create open source software if NO ONE is going to use it? That is just weird. So get ready to see us on forums everywhere trying to market the next Alpha Development-0.12

The new update cycle

We have changed our update cycle rules slightly. We are still having the 0.n where if n is odd it is a feature spring, and if even it is a bug fixing spring. However we have now implemented a new level to help roll out new features and bug fixes faster. The wisdom behind this is to help get feed back faster. Faster feedback means quicker fixes and faster improvements.

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