Release of Alpha Development-0.12.0

The first of many releases in this cycle.

Bugs fixed

  • BUG274 – Scrolling to edit requirement items not automatic
  • BUG275 – Requirements do NOT have a status
  • BUG278 – Can not link bug to project
  • BUG279 – Can not create Kanban board from New Items menu
  • BUG281 – Can not edit bug clients
  • BUG282 – Can assign duplicate bugs
  • BUG283 – Can not search for bugs correctly
  • BUG284 – Can not remove bug client from bug client list
  • BUG285 – Clicking on the linked bugs do not navigate to the bug page
  • BUG286 – Searching bugs not laying out correctly

This cycle is focusing on bug fixing.

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