About NearBeach

NearBeach Incorporated is a Not for profit organisation dedicated to the Open Source program NearBeach.  NearBeach has currently been under construction for over a year, still in Alpha it currently supplies a lot of support for project construction and management.

NearBeach (software) is designed to be a project/task management tool, currently aimed at small to medium size teams and businesses. It however has a bigger picture in sight and will hopefully expand to include corporations in the near future.

The NearBeach software can be downloaded from github – NearBeach Repository and installed on your own server for both commercial and personal use. NearBeach is protected by the MIT license, a copy of this license is included within the repository. Complete installation instructions can be found on our confluence – https://nearbeach.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/HTI/overview

NearBeach Incorpprate is an inclusive organisation, we want to include all people no matter of their; gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity. A bigger community is a stronger community.