New Site – New Future

The issue with data migrating from one server to another in the cloud space is sometimes, something has to give. It was either my sanity or the previous posts of NearBeach. I took the latter as the former had already gone years before hand.

There is good news in between all this migration, we are now hosted on Digital Ocean who were kind to us and gave us $100 credit which will help with most of the web server needs for most of the year. The other good news is that we have done a thorough bug testing and released our first stable version 0.14.0 the other day.

The bad news is that due to this data migration and a few personal things, we are going to be spending a few months on really polishing NearBeach. We want to be able to present a product that will help you, and we need to fix any and ALL bugs in the system. So for the next 6 weeks we will be on a bug fixing sprint, and then back to normal after that.

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