Release 0.14.2

Good news everyone, the newest stable release Alpha-0.14.2 has just been released this morning. You will be able to find it in the usual spot on github – Alpha-0.14.2 Looking at Bugzilla we only have 12 more bugs to process before doing something we have not done before, a complete re-test of the system. Usually after so many bug fixes we just do a quick shake out before we eagerly move to the next branch (which is a development cycle). However this time we are trying to design the 0.14 branch to be NearBeach’s most stablest branch, a branch that we can recommend people to stay on. The reasoning behind this is;

  • Building a stable foundation for future improvements and enhancements
  • Start competing with what is already on the market
  • Use NearBeach to start planning it’s very own roadmap

We hope you do enjoy the new improved features in NearBeach 0.14 branch. This does come with the issue that we have extended this cycles development time by an extra month.


Bug Fixes

BUG333 – Email in plain text
BUG356 – Failure to create new Project
BUG353 – Failure to create new opportunity
BUG355 – Failure to feedback when updating.
BUG359 – Naming convention
BUG358 – No feedback when completing Project/Task creation
BUG343 – Can not create project for customer without organisation
BUG351 – Failure to create new Project


Future NearBeach

We are hoping to have a sit down meeting soon and start planning road map. There will be new requirements mapped out and we will be keeping you in the loop. If you are interested you will be able to view our JIRA account at

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