New month, a new development stream

“Good news, everyone!” – Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth As most of you know, the futurama character would then go on to say “The alpha development branch 0.14 has been completed.”.

0.14 branch focused heavily on stability for NearBeach, bringing it up to a minimal viable product (MVP). This is exciting news for us, as it now becomes a transition between faintly using our own product to the start of using our product to help produce our product. We are finally happy in the direction that NearBeach is taking and will be meeting over the next few weeks to discuss the features and requirements that are missing from NearBeach.

If you have any features or requirements that are missing from NearBeach, we want to hear about them. You can either respond to this post or send us a tweet @nearbeach_inc. Without your input we will not progress.

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