Release of Development-0.15.1

This has been a huge release for NearBeach. The following has been achieved;

  • Migration from Python 2 to Python 3
  • Migration from Django 1.11 to Django 2.1
  • Groups can now be children of other groups – further development in the near future
  • Users can have “Reports To” under each group
  • Create Quote Template for printing/emailing
  • New project has an enhanced datapicker
  • New task has an enhanced datepicker

Current known issues

As development-0.15.1 is an alpha release we know that there are many issues within the system. We were hoping to fix many of these issues before release however hit an issue during this month. It was unforseen that we had to move to python 3. It was a move that was on the table.

Please note this release will be buggy and we are fixing most bugs in the next development branch (0.16).

Installation help

We will be updating our documentation over the next week. We currently have commented out most of the sections. We will also be adding a Ubuntu 18.04 section and hopefully a CentOS version before the final release of 0.16 branch.

Test Server Down

Our test server is currently down. We have noticed the issue is caused by Apache consuming large amount of space which in turn is causing MySQL to crash. We are looking at alternative options for apache. We will first determine if it is an apache issue or if it is because of a hungry piece of code I have written. We do require this server for testing purposes this month. More information in the coming week.

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