Alpha Development-0.16.0 Released

Good news, the first release of 0.16.0 has been released. All critical bugs have been looked at and fixed.

Bug Fixes

  • BUG352 – Unable to assign existing tasks
  • BUG361 – New instance does not contain bug config
  • BUG362 – Bug Client Has No permission
  • BUG363 – Project not showing connected customer if customer has no organisation
  • BUG364 – Multiple Bug Clients – can not search second bug client for bugs
  • BUG370 – Quote Template – CSS field should be plain text
  • BUG371 – Extracting/Printing PDF not currently working
  • BUG372 – Service lines will appear in quote preview even when there are no service lines
  • BUG375 – Can not reset password
  • BUG376 – Update to Python 3 has broken models
  • BUG377 – Email Quote
  • BUG378 – No back to users
  • BUG380 – Responsible Customers
  • BUG381 – Lack of space at bottom of page
  • BUG382 – Webserver is down
  • BUG385 – Organisation Campus not rendering
  • BUG386 – Search ALL does not work
  • BUG387 – New project does not work

This branch is currently focused on fixing security issues and bugs. We are hoping to have another release at the end of the week.

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