Alpha Development-0.16.1 Released

Bugs Fixed

  • BUG332 – Project History is just plain text
  • BUG365 – TinyMCE overlays the menu
  • BUG366 – Project history not accepting input
  • BUG368 – Organisation Contact History – does not have the new datetime picker widget
  • BUG373 – Customer History does not have datetime picker
  • BUG374 – Opportunity does not have datetime picker
  • BUG388 – New Opportunity does not have TinyMCE
  • BUG389 – New Opportunity does not have datetime picker
  • BUG390 – Opportunity Information not utilising TinyMCE widget
  • BUG391 – Datatime widget not used in opportunity information
  • BUG393 – Clicking the “Nearbeach” logo/home-button has no function/effect.
  • BUG394 – New Task description body overlays menu
  • BUG395 – Text field placement
  • BUG396 – Inconsistent/Incorrect Labelling
  • BUG397 – Incorrect Labelling
  • BUG399 – Expanded menu doesn’t scroll

The latest release can be found at

The 0.16 branch is a stable branch and we recommend using this branch. If you find any issues please notify us on

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