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At the start of the NearBeach project, I had the mentality of “I want to build everything, including every widget”. That mentality that I build ALL of NearBeach without any help was quiet strong. You can see it in the design of the widgets, for example the datetime widget was actually multiple dropdown boxes and a complex javascript. Not ideal to bug fix let alone look at.

Luckily this thought pattern was eroded over time, thanks in part to jQuery. Now I am more accepting of using widgets others have constructed to help me develop faster and have a better bug free product.

The original thought “build everything myself” has actually added in a lot of man hours that I did not need to give myself. However it was a learning curve I needed to learn. Sometimes it is best to except help from others. There are many libraries, widgets and tools in the Open Source market that are designed specifically to help developers speed up their development.


A list of all different widgets used in NearBeach can be found in the READ ME file: https://github.com/robotichead/NearBeach

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