NearBeach Alpha 0.18.0 Released

Been a rough month. Still many bug fixes are in the pipeline

Bug Fixes

– BUG420 – Tasks costs are blank
– BUG415 – Associate tasks brings up errors
– BUG426 – Assign tasks to projects does not pass throuhg permissions
– BUG410 – Saving profile shows dialog
– BUG421 – Task Quotes – causes bugs
– BUG422 – Add customer to campus
– BUG409 – Can not search customers
– BUG411 – My profile not saving
– BUG412 – Can not add a website to profile
– BUG414 – Email – does not go to correct page
– BUG423 – Uploading a document to customer does not fully work
– BUG407 – Mapbox is now showing
– BUG419 – Task Information can not be associated to a customer
– BUG402 – Project Read Only – does not pass through permissions
– BUG406 – Can not modify campus
– BUG384 – REcapture not allowing users to log in
– BUG383 – Update the about section in github

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