NearBeach 0.18 branch

This branch has not been much fun at all. Usually the stability branches bring me joy as I watch the product become more stable and usable. However due to a LARGE development change in 0.17, which essentially rebuilt the whole database system, I have been putting out a lot of spot fires (aka – quick bugs).

I am at no point stating the 0.18 branch is a failure when it comes to stability. It does not win – or finish, but more of a very hard try. Whilst doing this branch I realised a scary thing;

  1. Permissions
  2. Assigning

These two features in NearBeach have not been completely fully designed/developed consistently. This has annoyed me a lot, as I have noticed that the permissions/assigning is not consistance at all between the objects;

  • Opportunities
  • Requirements
  • Quotes
  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Kanban Board

I am going to finish off the 0.18 branch early to open up for an extended development of 0.19 branch. Final testing will occur tomorrow. Please note – git changes might not occur for the next week due to whiteboard planning (sometimes need to draw connections on a white board).

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