NearBeach 0.20.0

NearBeach 0.20.0 has been released on github. The 0.20 branch will focus on fixing bugs and any security issues. We are trying to build a stable platform before moving onto the next major feature requests

Bug Fixes

BUG435 – Can not remove project customers
BUG436 – Pressing “Enter” button on file upload modal reloads page
BUG437 – Pressing “Enter” button on new folder modal reloads page
BUG438 – New quote using old date system
BUG439 – Can not remove assigned users for quotes
BUG440 – Can not remove assigned user from project
BUG441 – Can not deactivate old campus
BUG445 – Customer history not in TinyMCE widget
BUG451 – Kanban board – linking existing projects/tasks/requirements come up with an error
BUG452 – Can not remove customers from tasks

Current planning

What would make NearBeach awesome – if we had a dashboard and an API. Sadly the dashboard is out of scope however it has not stopped us thinking about a simple API functionality. This will be an optional module which you could enable – allowing data to be transferred to an external dashboard like Qlik or PowerBI.

We are currently in the planning stage and will look at the viability of this over the next month.


NearBeach will be looking at porting all the graphics/designs over to a bootstrap friendly version whilst at the same time looking at improving NearBeach for those who have disabilities. We are currently opened to all suggestions.

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