Release 0.22.0

Release 0.22.0 has reach the wild. This new release is the start of many new changes to NearBeach that will be developed and release during this branch. These changes are;

  • Deployment to – NearBeach can now be installed using the PIP command making it easier to deploy NearBeach to a server.
  • Development of automatic testing – NearBeach will now under go automatic testing to help us determine when we break core functionality. Now that NearBeach has reach a certain size, it is getting harder and harder to test and find issues. Thanks to automatic testing tools like Browser Stack we can easily test
  • Update to our documentation – due to the recent changes to the core installation process
  • Deployment of CircleCI for continuous integration and continuous deployment

NearBeach recommends installing a stable branch like 0.22. You can find 0.22.0 on Github –

Bug fixes

  • BUG443 – New campus only uses old phone method
  • BUG453 – Mapbox is not loading – causing issues
  • BUG457 – Datetime widget not working for new opportunity
  • BUG458 – Can not remove users from group
  • BUG459 – Kudos module won’t submit if you do not click the “Kudos rating”
  • BUG460 – Can not save new user
  • BUG461 – Permission Set Information not loading the values correctly
  • BUG462 – Search Bar in navbar does not work
  • BUG463 – Can not connect Opportunity to Requirement
  • BUG464 – Drag and drop does not work
  • BUG465 – Kanban board does not update when changing a card’s value
  • BUG466 – Admin – can not update a permission set’s properties
  • BUG469 – Can not create kanban board
  • BUG476 – Customer add campus not in friendly layout
  • BUG477 – Uploading a document in contact history – can not download
  • BUG478 – Organisation Quote missing approval status
  • BUG479 – Chosen-js interrupts the tab order
  • BUG488 – Can not give out kudos

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