Release of NearBeach Alpha 0.24.0

Quick release notes: NearBeach Alpha 0.24.0 has been released, this is the first release for the branch 0.24. We are dedicated to finding and fixing any bugs or security issues within this branch.

Bug Fixes

  • BUG403 – Data too long for campus phone
  • BUG504 – Mobile iOS: The chosen-js are not working
  • BUG527 – request.session[‘is_superuser’] not filled out if user logs in wrong way
  • BUG528 – Input Wants display error
  • BUG531 – New User – results all clear if there is a mistake
  • BUG532 – New Bug Client – submitting incorrect form returns blank empty page
  • BUG533 – NearBeach can not connect to NearBeach’s bugzilla account
  • BUG534 – Clicking on “New Card” does not make input default input
  • BUG535 – Cards can not move
  • BUG536 – Change: user with no group access notice
  • BUG538 – Add “Blocked” to default kanban board settings
  • BUG539 – List customers not searching for by last name
  • BUG540 – Kanban search does not exist
  • BUG541 – Project can not delete tag
  • BUG543 – Update installation documentation
  • BUG544 – Kanban properties has no style
  • BUG547 – New Campus phone number not saving correctly
  • BUG548 – Not recalling phone number correctly
  • BUG549 – Login page not laid out correctly for IE 11
  • BUG551 – Need to remove ‘phonenumber_field’ from setup documentation
  • BUG553 – New project does not have new select fields
  • BUG555 – New branch is not loading correctly onto test server
  • BUG556 – IE Not supported warning

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