Release of Alpha 0.25.2

New Feature – Whiteboard

Plan your new project process maps with NearBeach’s new Whiteboard module. You will be able to connect the new module to the following objects;

  • Requirements and Requirement Items
  • Projects
  • Tasks

To add a Whiteboard to the objects, scroll down to the “Document Upload” section in the above modules. Click on the “+ New Item” and select “New Whiteboard” option.

Feedback Survey

We at NearBeach are striving to improve. You can help us by filling out this simple one page survey –
Thank you for your responses

Bug Fixes

  • BUG573 – Task permissions -> Who can see
  • BUG575 – Add a create new task button in the requirements page
  • BUG585 – Re-map all of Requirement/Requirement item links
  • BUG586 – Update code for associated projects
  • BUG587 – Choosing a start date greater than the end date does not change the end date
  • BUG591 – Opportunity end date not in future
  • BUG594 – Feature Improvement: RFC should contain amount of time worked
  • BUG597 – Can not create new whiterboard
  • BUG598 – Can not save whiteboard
  • BUG599 – Implementation of
  • BUG600 – Bug graph is missing bug source title
  • BUG602 – New Requirement Item no saving
  • BUG603 – Associated Tasks needs the ability to create new task
  • BUG607 – Dates in RFC are in the past
  • BUG611 – RFC – Updating the start and finish dates + title of an RFC does not save
  • BUG615 – Can not create requirement item
  • BUG616 – Can not link current tasks to requirements
  • BUG617 – RFC Dates are in the past
  • BUG618 – Whiteboard module currently does not have permissions
  • BUG619 – New Line Item not rendering
  • BUG620 – Requirement not updating


The release can be found on github –

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