NearBeach Beta Release

We at NearBeach are proud that we have finally achieved Beta stage. NearBeach is now starting to be more than just a simple minimal viable product. We have started to use it internally to help improve and shape it.

Short Term Goals

NearBeach has a few short term goals it would like to achieve. These are, but not limited to;

  • Releasing documentation on
  • Releasing “How to” videos
  • More testing and bug fixes – there will always be buggs
  • Planning new features
  • Documenting how the development cycle will work in the future
  • Business planning – where do we want to take NearBeach
  • Construction of a community
  • Discuss improvements and remove pain points in the NearBeach software

There is still a lot of work to achieve during this time. We are hoping that we can help you with your next project.

NearBeach Team

Bug Fixes

  • BUG576 – Inside My tasks display which project that task belongs to
  • BUG604 – Task -> customer list not showing
  • BUG608 – Submitted RFC’s risk levels shows ID
  • BUG609 – New RFC – select groups not rendering correctly
  • BUG612 – Assign Groups in “New Kanban” not rendering correctly
  • BUG613 – Adding assigned group does not update assigned users
  • BUG614 – Can not close Kanban boards
  • BUG622 – Does “organisation_connection” need to be kept?
  • BUG623 – Does “project_stage” get utilised?
  • BUG625 – Can not change password
  • BUG627 – Button missing – from existing projects
  • BUG629 – Not saving time correctly
  • BUG630 – Tags do not have the cross – can not delete
  • BUG635 – NearBeach’s title is still in Alpha -> should be in Beta 🙂
  • BUG638 – Can not resolve task
  • BUG639 – Non super user super user does not have ability to add tag
  • BUG640 – Documents are not uploading on existing projects
  • BUG642 – Do we need opportunity connection
  • BUG643 – Document – URL links require name
  • BUG644 – Can not add a whiteboard to customer’s documentation
  • BUG645 – Quotes have the incorrect products
  • BUG646 – TypeError at /assigned_opportunity_connection_add/1/customer/
  • BUG652 – Non super user can not link requirement to kanban board

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