NearBeach Beta 0.26.1

Bug fixes, more bug fixes and some more bug fixes. It is currently very important for us to fix all current issues with NearBeach.

The new version of NearBeach can be installed using PIP

Bug Fixes

  • BUG563 – Instructions need to have “Group Leader” in them
  • BUG593 – Read only user in chrome has weird layout for “Run Sheet”
  • BUG621 – Table overflow needs scroll in administration group
  • BUG624 – Password Reset needs new layout
  • BUG626 – User settings – alert not in alert mode
  • BUG634 – Can not apply bugs to project
  • BUG637 – Organisation search is not character case insensative
  • BUG647 – New project under assign task
  • BUG648 – Adding a whiteboard to customer gives permission denied when accessing
  • BUG649 – Group projects dashboard shows closed projects
  • BUG651 – Read only user – can create kanban board
  • BUG655 – Linked objects in requirements showing requirement items

Short term future goals

We will do another bug finding and fixing run to try and get NearBeach as stable as possible before releasing into the wild as a stable product. We are currently looking for feedback, and are planning what to do in the future about developing new functionality.

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