NearBeach Beta 0.26.2 Release

The following are bugs that have been fixed

  • BUG577 – All tasks created by a user should be accesible to that user
  • BUG606 – Webp image now showing on iPhone Safari
  • BUG631 – Style the document uploader
  • BUG632 – Style Email Quote
  • BUG636 – Can make a quote that is already accepted
  • BUG641 – Opportunity Information – Success Probability needs to be larger
  • BUG656 – Template wide is missing favicon
  • BUG660 – User not forward to requirement readonly when they only have create permission
  • BUG661 – User not forward to quote readonly when they only have create permission
  • BUG662 – Creation user can modify RFC when they have no group permissions
  • BUG663 – Anyone can read RFC’s

You can install the release using PIP or find the release on github –

There is 1 more planned release within the 0.26 branch. Then another full site test will be applied to NearBeach – with the results determining if there will be another release.

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