Release 0.27.0 – Broken and back to Alpha

It has been 3 months since we started doing the refactoring/rewrite of NearBeach. A lot of work has gone into completing just 1 object. When the release candidate (RC 1) comes out this week, it will only focus on “Requirements” object.

Why are we releasing this as an unfinished product?

Good question – we actually want to;

  1. Show the work completed so far,
  2. Get feedback on this work before we apply the changes to the other sections of the code.

Why are the other objects and components disabled?

We really didn’t want the site to have both “New/Old” themes on it. We are focusing on only one section of the code.

What objects will be applied next?

The following is a simplified road map

  1. Release Candidate 1 – Requirements
  2. Release Candidate 2 – Requirement Items
  3. Release Candidate 3 – Organisations/Customers
  4. Release Candidate 4 – Projects
  5. Release Candidate 5 – Tasks

We are hoping to have the majority of this completed well before the year’s end. We are hoping all the hard work that we have applied at the requirements object, will be transferable to the other sections.

Will this release be buggy? Should I use it?

This release will be buggy – we are only releasing it to get feedback on the UI/UX. We are also going to test it thoroughly as many of the functions within it will be utilised in the other objects, i.e. projects, tasks. We will NOT recommend using it for any production environment.

If you end up using it for testing purposes and find any issues, please submit a ticket at

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