NearBeach 0.27.4 Released

This release has been mostly focused on fixing bugs and getting NearBeach to the point where we can safely launch a beta. It was also the first time where we wanted to test deployment onto a serverless infrastructure.

List of Bug Fixes

  • BUG665 – When uploading a document – it looks like you have uploaded nothing
  • BUG668 – Typo in Heading
  • BUG686 – Going to a requirement information that does not exist gives a 500 error
  • BUG687 – New Bugs Wizard has table overflowing
  • BUG688 – certificate verification is strongly advised.
  • BUG701 – Documents can not be downloaded
  • BUG704 – Uploading a file to requirement item and then downloading strait away fails
  • BUG706 – Documents not downloading correctly on local environment
  • BUG713 – Inline loader styling
  • BUG720 – Repetative code used in search functions
  • BUG725 – Upload Document Wizard Not Working
  • BUG726 – Object Links missing from Project information
  • BUG730 – Can’t update Kanban Card information
  • BUG731 – SuspiciousOperation at /

Short Term Future of NearBeach

We are currently 2 weeks behind on our road map and want to catch up during this holiday period. The next major deployments will focus on;

  • Bug fixes and general user experience and user interface improvements
  • Request for change module – needs to be re-implemented
  • Whiteboard Module – needs to be re-implemented
  • Deployment to Serverless technology fixed

We are hoping the next release will be within 3 weeks – time constraints permitted.

Documentation Update

I have spent a few hours going through most of the documentation online and updating it. The new installation instructions can be found in it –

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