Planning to release 0.24

We are currently working hard with version 0.23 to find and fix any issues. This has now become an extremely large task due to how large NearBeach has become over the last year. We have also started using NearBeach to plan NearBeach – this hopefully means we will find out improvements we could implement back into NearBeach faster.

Listen to this space for updates

Release 0.22.0

Release 0.22.0 has reach the wild. This new release is the start of many new changes to NearBeach that will be developed and release during this branch. These changes are;

  • Deployment to – NearBeach can now be installed using the PIP command making it easier to deploy NearBeach to a server.
  • Development of automatic testing – NearBeach will now under go automatic testing to help us determine when we break core functionality. Now that NearBeach has reach a certain size, it is getting harder and harder to test and find issues. Thanks to automatic testing tools like Browser Stack we can easily test
  • Update to our documentation – due to the recent changes to the core installation process
  • Deployment of CircleCI for continuous integration and continuous deployment

NearBeach recommends installing a stable branch like 0.22. You can find 0.22.0 on Github –

Bug fixes

  • BUG443 – New campus only uses old phone method
  • BUG453 – Mapbox is not loading – causing issues
  • BUG457 – Datetime widget not working for new opportunity
  • BUG458 – Can not remove users from group
  • BUG459 – Kudos module won’t submit if you do not click the “Kudos rating”
  • BUG460 – Can not save new user
  • BUG461 – Permission Set Information not loading the values correctly
  • BUG462 – Search Bar in navbar does not work
  • BUG463 – Can not connect Opportunity to Requirement
  • BUG464 – Drag and drop does not work
  • BUG465 – Kanban board does not update when changing a card’s value
  • BUG466 – Admin – can not update a permission set’s properties
  • BUG469 – Can not create kanban board
  • BUG476 – Customer add campus not in friendly layout
  • BUG477 – Uploading a document in contact history – can not download
  • BUG478 – Organisation Quote missing approval status
  • BUG479 – Chosen-js interrupts the tab order
  • BUG488 – Can not give out kudos

Branch 0.21 has finished

YAY. It is finally done. NearBeach’s 0.21 branch has been completed – however please wait till the 0.22 branch.

0.22 branch is starting on time and it will focus on bug fixing and polish. NearBeach went through a massive change in the 0.21 branch. We enhanced quiet a few modules, implemented the bootstrap module, and created a basic request for change module.

The 0.22 branch will be the first branch that we will focus releasing on pip. We still will release on github, however to make life easier for everyone, we are also releasing on pip. This will help speed up the install and update process for you. We will only be releasing stable versions on PIP.

NearBeach new visuals

One of NearBeach’s goal is to be user friendly. This includes a better UI/UX and adding in accessibility. NearBeach has fully migrated to Bootstrap 4.0 in the last couple of weeks to bring an improved experience.

Users can now edit their profile. This information will then be represented on their user page for project leads to read.
New project now has flowing fields
Each section of project information is broken up into cards. This makes it easier for the user to navigate and distinguish between sections
The graphical improvements were applied to other already enhanced pages

The bootstrap library has been applied to most modules within NearBeach. There are a few modules that have been missed in the first stage due to enhancements already in the pipe line.

NearBeach 0.20.0

NearBeach 0.20.0 has been released on github. The 0.20 branch will focus on fixing bugs and any security issues. We are trying to build a stable platform before moving onto the next major feature requests

Bug Fixes

BUG435 – Can not remove project customers
BUG436 – Pressing “Enter” button on file upload modal reloads page
BUG437 – Pressing “Enter” button on new folder modal reloads page
BUG438 – New quote using old date system
BUG439 – Can not remove assigned users for quotes
BUG440 – Can not remove assigned user from project
BUG441 – Can not deactivate old campus
BUG445 – Customer history not in TinyMCE widget
BUG451 – Kanban board – linking existing projects/tasks/requirements come up with an error
BUG452 – Can not remove customers from tasks

Current planning

What would make NearBeach awesome – if we had a dashboard and an API. Sadly the dashboard is out of scope however it has not stopped us thinking about a simple API functionality. This will be an optional module which you could enable – allowing data to be transferred to an external dashboard like Qlik or PowerBI.

We are currently in the planning stage and will look at the viability of this over the next month.


NearBeach will be looking at porting all the graphics/designs over to a bootstrap friendly version whilst at the same time looking at improving NearBeach for those who have disabilities. We are currently opened to all suggestions.

NearBeach 0.19.3 has been released

I have been working hard these holidays to bring you the final release in the 0.19 branch. The lovely and new 0.19.3 can be found on github –

Bug Fixes

BUG404 – Can not modify requirement permissions
BUG405 – Can not modify quote permissions
BUG408 – When assigning customers to a project – inactive projects still appear
BUG413 – Project History not showing in correctly
BUG416 – Document upload not working
BUG417 – Assigned groups not appearing in project information
BUG424 – Error when uploading large pictures
BUG425 – Campus Information contains old method of selecting country/region
BUG429 – Assign task to project
BUG430 – Can not link requirements to projects/tasks
BUG431 – Can not link requirements to projects/tasks
BUG432 – Requirement Kanban board does not have link back to parent requirement information
BUG433 – Project Email – does not utilise chosen-js
BUG434 – Layout and information missing for email history
BUG442 – Can not get back to organisation from Campus
BUG444 – Customer history/notes date widget not working
BUG446 – Can not download uploaded documents against a customer
BUG447 – Can not assign project/tasks to customers
BUG448 – New Opportunity does not use chosen-js
BUG449 – Linking project/tasks does not show any tasks
BUG450 – Customers not showing in organisation

Road Map

We will currently be looking at new features for NearBeach over the next month and planning them out. We are hoping to get a road map to everyone by the end of January.

New Document Upload Widget

The new and improved document upload can centralised the widget. Visual improvements have been added like;

  • drop down menu
  • icons representing deletion of folders/files
  • ability to link URL’s to online documents

The improvements will be released in version 0.19.2 which will be released soon

A learning experience

NearBeach has been a wonderful learning experience. I have made mistakes and have had to retract a lot of code. The development cycle for 0.19 is going to be a large improvement for NearBeach. I am looking at restructuring;

  • The file system layouts for files
  • The permissions
  • The assigning of objects

We are hoping once this 0.19 branch is finished, we can support 0.20 as a LTS version. This however is just an idea that we are floating.

I have decided to leave the current 0.19 sprint opened till the end of December.

NearBeach 0.18 branch

This branch has not been much fun at all. Usually the stability branches bring me joy as I watch the product become more stable and usable. However due to a LARGE development change in 0.17, which essentially rebuilt the whole database system, I have been putting out a lot of spot fires (aka – quick bugs).

I am at no point stating the 0.18 branch is a failure when it comes to stability. It does not win – or finish, but more of a very hard try. Whilst doing this branch I realised a scary thing;

  1. Permissions
  2. Assigning

These two features in NearBeach have not been completely fully designed/developed consistently. This has annoyed me a lot, as I have noticed that the permissions/assigning is not consistance at all between the objects;

  • Opportunities
  • Requirements
  • Quotes
  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Kanban Board

I am going to finish off the 0.18 branch early to open up for an extended development of 0.19 branch. Final testing will occur tomorrow. Please note – git changes might not occur for the next week due to whiteboard planning (sometimes need to draw connections on a white board).

NearBeach Alpha 0.18.0 Released

Been a rough month. Still many bug fixes are in the pipeline

Bug Fixes

– BUG420 – Tasks costs are blank
– BUG415 – Associate tasks brings up errors
– BUG426 – Assign tasks to projects does not pass throuhg permissions
– BUG410 – Saving profile shows dialog
– BUG421 – Task Quotes – causes bugs
– BUG422 – Add customer to campus
– BUG409 – Can not search customers
– BUG411 – My profile not saving
– BUG412 – Can not add a website to profile
– BUG414 – Email – does not go to correct page
– BUG423 – Uploading a document to customer does not fully work
– BUG407 – Mapbox is now showing
– BUG419 – Task Information can not be associated to a customer
– BUG402 – Project Read Only – does not pass through permissions
– BUG406 – Can not modify campus
– BUG384 – REcapture not allowing users to log in
– BUG383 – Update the about section in github