NearBeach Beta Release

We at NearBeach are proud that we have finally achieved Beta stage. NearBeach is now starting to be more than just a simple minimal viable product. We have started to use it internally to help improve and shape it.

Short Term Goals

NearBeach has a few short term goals it would like to achieve. These are, but not limited to;

  • Releasing documentation on
  • Releasing “How to” videos
  • More testing and bug fixes – there will always be buggs
  • Planning new features
  • Documenting how the development cycle will work in the future
  • Business planning – where do we want to take NearBeach
  • Construction of a community
  • Discuss improvements and remove pain points in the NearBeach software

There is still a lot of work to achieve during this time. We are hoping that we can help you with your next project.

NearBeach Team

Bug Fixes

  • BUG576 – Inside My tasks display which project that task belongs to
  • BUG604 – Task -> customer list not showing
  • BUG608 – Submitted RFC’s risk levels shows ID
  • BUG609 – New RFC – select groups not rendering correctly
  • BUG612 – Assign Groups in “New Kanban” not rendering correctly
  • BUG613 – Adding assigned group does not update assigned users
  • BUG614 – Can not close Kanban boards
  • BUG622 – Does “organisation_connection” need to be kept?
  • BUG623 – Does “project_stage” get utilised?
  • BUG625 – Can not change password
  • BUG627 – Button missing – from existing projects
  • BUG629 – Not saving time correctly
  • BUG630 – Tags do not have the cross – can not delete
  • BUG635 – NearBeach’s title is still in Alpha -> should be in Beta 🙂
  • BUG638 – Can not resolve task
  • BUG639 – Non super user super user does not have ability to add tag
  • BUG640 – Documents are not uploading on existing projects
  • BUG642 – Do we need opportunity connection
  • BUG643 – Document – URL links require name
  • BUG644 – Can not add a whiteboard to customer’s documentation
  • BUG645 – Quotes have the incorrect products
  • BUG646 – TypeError at /assigned_opportunity_connection_add/1/customer/
  • BUG652 – Non super user can not link requirement to kanban board

NearBeach Beta

The final release for the alpha has gone out. Now we are working diligently towards pushing a beta release focusing on stability and consistency through out NearBeach. This involves;

  • Thorough bug testing
  • Improving database structure, and adding in consistency with back end database
  • Polish of both front end and back end code
  • Polish of UX and UI
  • Implement a full range of automatic tests to ensure stability of code
  • Cross browser testing

You will be able to test the new beta soon on our demo site – Please note the demo will restart on the hour.

Release of Alpha 0.25.2

New Feature – Whiteboard

Plan your new project process maps with NearBeach’s new Whiteboard module. You will be able to connect the new module to the following objects;

  • Requirements and Requirement Items
  • Projects
  • Tasks

To add a Whiteboard to the objects, scroll down to the “Document Upload” section in the above modules. Click on the “+ New Item” and select “New Whiteboard” option.

Feedback Survey

We at NearBeach are striving to improve. You can help us by filling out this simple one page survey –
Thank you for your responses

Bug Fixes

  • BUG573 – Task permissions -> Who can see
  • BUG575 – Add a create new task button in the requirements page
  • BUG585 – Re-map all of Requirement/Requirement item links
  • BUG586 – Update code for associated projects
  • BUG587 – Choosing a start date greater than the end date does not change the end date
  • BUG591 – Opportunity end date not in future
  • BUG594 – Feature Improvement: RFC should contain amount of time worked
  • BUG597 – Can not create new whiterboard
  • BUG598 – Can not save whiteboard
  • BUG599 – Implementation of
  • BUG600 – Bug graph is missing bug source title
  • BUG602 – New Requirement Item no saving
  • BUG603 – Associated Tasks needs the ability to create new task
  • BUG607 – Dates in RFC are in the past
  • BUG611 – RFC – Updating the start and finish dates + title of an RFC does not save
  • BUG615 – Can not create requirement item
  • BUG616 – Can not link current tasks to requirements
  • BUG617 – RFC Dates are in the past
  • BUG618 – Whiteboard module currently does not have permissions
  • BUG619 – New Line Item not rendering
  • BUG620 – Requirement not updating


The release can be found on github –

New Module – whiteboard

The newest module to be implemented into NearBeach is it’s whiteboard.

Currently the model is in it’s infancy, and a lot of the functionality will be expanded on over the next few releases.

The whiteboard module is built on top of the mxgraph library – – which is the same technology used to build the awesome tool

The whiteboard module will be connected to the following Objects;
– Projects
– Tasks
– Requirements
– Opportunities
Each Object will have the ability to create a whiteboard as a document against it.

We are hoping a fleshed out version will appear in alpha-0.25.2

NearBeach is looking for testers

With the release of NearBeach Alpha 0.24.0, and the exciting plan that we want to escape from Alpha towards the end of this year (or early 2020), we are now facing an issue. The main issue is time – sadly we can not create any more than we have, and sleepless nights are not a help at all. Essentially we need help testing NearBeach

If you are interested in testing – thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you would like to help NearBeach financially, we have a Patreon, every dollar is appreciated.

Upcoming Improvements

  • Documentation – improvements for existing documentation, and construction of missing documentation
  • Visual improvements
  • Code stability

Release of NearBeach Alpha 0.24.0

Quick release notes: NearBeach Alpha 0.24.0 has been released, this is the first release for the branch 0.24. We are dedicated to finding and fixing any bugs or security issues within this branch.

Bug Fixes

  • BUG403 – Data too long for campus phone
  • BUG504 – Mobile iOS: The chosen-js are not working
  • BUG527 – request.session[‘is_superuser’] not filled out if user logs in wrong way
  • BUG528 – Input Wants display error
  • BUG531 – New User – results all clear if there is a mistake
  • BUG532 – New Bug Client – submitting incorrect form returns blank empty page
  • BUG533 – NearBeach can not connect to NearBeach’s bugzilla account
  • BUG534 – Clicking on “New Card” does not make input default input
  • BUG535 – Cards can not move
  • BUG536 – Change: user with no group access notice
  • BUG538 – Add “Blocked” to default kanban board settings
  • BUG539 – List customers not searching for by last name
  • BUG540 – Kanban search does not exist
  • BUG541 – Project can not delete tag
  • BUG543 – Update installation documentation
  • BUG544 – Kanban properties has no style
  • BUG547 – New Campus phone number not saving correctly
  • BUG548 – Not recalling phone number correctly
  • BUG549 – Login page not laid out correctly for IE 11
  • BUG551 – Need to remove ‘phonenumber_field’ from setup documentation
  • BUG553 – New project does not have new select fields
  • BUG555 – New branch is not loading correctly onto test server
  • BUG556 – IE Not supported warning

Planning to release 0.24

We are currently working hard with version 0.23 to find and fix any issues. This has now become an extremely large task due to how large NearBeach has become over the last year. We have also started using NearBeach to plan NearBeach – this hopefully means we will find out improvements we could implement back into NearBeach faster.

Listen to this space for updates

Release 0.22.0

Release 0.22.0 has reach the wild. This new release is the start of many new changes to NearBeach that will be developed and release during this branch. These changes are;

  • Deployment to – NearBeach can now be installed using the PIP command making it easier to deploy NearBeach to a server.
  • Development of automatic testing – NearBeach will now under go automatic testing to help us determine when we break core functionality. Now that NearBeach has reach a certain size, it is getting harder and harder to test and find issues. Thanks to automatic testing tools like Browser Stack we can easily test
  • Update to our documentation – due to the recent changes to the core installation process
  • Deployment of CircleCI for continuous integration and continuous deployment

NearBeach recommends installing a stable branch like 0.22. You can find 0.22.0 on Github –

Bug fixes

  • BUG443 – New campus only uses old phone method
  • BUG453 – Mapbox is not loading – causing issues
  • BUG457 – Datetime widget not working for new opportunity
  • BUG458 – Can not remove users from group
  • BUG459 – Kudos module won’t submit if you do not click the “Kudos rating”
  • BUG460 – Can not save new user
  • BUG461 – Permission Set Information not loading the values correctly
  • BUG462 – Search Bar in navbar does not work
  • BUG463 – Can not connect Opportunity to Requirement
  • BUG464 – Drag and drop does not work
  • BUG465 – Kanban board does not update when changing a card’s value
  • BUG466 – Admin – can not update a permission set’s properties
  • BUG469 – Can not create kanban board
  • BUG476 – Customer add campus not in friendly layout
  • BUG477 – Uploading a document in contact history – can not download
  • BUG478 – Organisation Quote missing approval status
  • BUG479 – Chosen-js interrupts the tab order
  • BUG488 – Can not give out kudos

Branch 0.21 has finished

YAY. It is finally done. NearBeach’s 0.21 branch has been completed – however please wait till the 0.22 branch.

0.22 branch is starting on time and it will focus on bug fixing and polish. NearBeach went through a massive change in the 0.21 branch. We enhanced quiet a few modules, implemented the bootstrap module, and created a basic request for change module.

The 0.22 branch will be the first branch that we will focus releasing on pip. We still will release on github, however to make life easier for everyone, we are also releasing on pip. This will help speed up the install and update process for you. We will only be releasing stable versions on PIP.

NearBeach new visuals

One of NearBeach’s goal is to be user friendly. This includes a better UI/UX and adding in accessibility. NearBeach has fully migrated to Bootstrap 4.0 in the last couple of weeks to bring an improved experience.

Users can now edit their profile. This information will then be represented on their user page for project leads to read.
New project now has flowing fields
Each section of project information is broken up into cards. This makes it easier for the user to navigate and distinguish between sections
The graphical improvements were applied to other already enhanced pages

The bootstrap library has been applied to most modules within NearBeach. There are a few modules that have been missed in the first stage due to enhancements already in the pipe line.