Development Alpha-0.14.3 Release

Fixed Bugs BUG350 – Failure to create new task BUG329 – Deleting costs refreshed the projects page BUG317 – Test Emails with customers with no orgnaisation BUG305 – Chosen-js not 100% width BUG347 – User not notified that fields are incorrect when creating an organisation BUG345 – Menu Expansion

Visual Changes over the new 2 weeks

Just an error correction from the last post. We have released 0.14.2, we are currently working on 0.14.3. We just keep thinking we are still on the previous version. In the next two weeks you will notice two things changing around NearBeach; All textarea’s will be changed into TinyMce’s WYSIWYG editor All date/time input’s will

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What to expect in the next two weeks

The next two weeks will be busy. We have noticed a bug fix that could improve the user experience for all modules ten fold. We are planning to roll out with this change hopefully in 0.14.3. As for release 0.14.2, it is literally just around the corner. This will leave a few of the more

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Release 0.14.2

Good news everyone, the newest stable release Alpha-0.14.2 has just been released this morning. You will be able to find it in the usual spot on github – Alpha-0.14.2 Looking at Bugzilla we only have 12 more bugs to process before doing something we have not done before, a complete re-test of the system. Usually

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New Site – New Future

The issue with data migrating from one server to another in the cloud space is sometimes, something has to give. It was either my sanity or the previous posts of NearBeach. I took the latter as the former had already gone years before hand. There is good news in between all this migration, we are

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