About NearBeach

What is NearBeach?

NearBeach is an open source project management tool, currently in Beta stage of development.

What can NearBeach do for me?

Well, we are hoping it can organise your life, project, trip, those pesky assignments that you seem to lose track of.

Do I have to pay for NearBeach?

No – NearBeach is open source software, so you can download the code right now at github. You can find instructions on how to install on our read the docs

How is NearBeach Funded?

NearBeach is currently funded by donations through either;
Github Sponsorship

Why is NearBeach Open Sourced?

We believe that Open Source has help push technology forward in giant leaps. With Open Source code we can show the younger generations how we code applications, how they work and from there how we improve that code. From there they can then pick up the mantle and code and improve that code for the next generation.

What features does NearBeach have?

NearBeach currently has the following feature, however we are ever striving to improve and create more;

  • Projects/Tasks
    Have the ability to track your project and tasks, comment on their progress.
  • Organisations/Customers
    Store a list of your organisations and customers within NearBeach. From here you can send them emails, assign them to projects/tasks
  • Opportunities
    Create opportunities for more projects/jobs from potential clients
  • Quotes
    Each project/tasks/opportunity can not be done without sending a customer a quote
  • Kanban Board
    A simple Kanban board with the ability to comment on the cards, or link in existing projects/tasks
  • Request for Change
    A built in Request for Change (RFC) for recording and planning any major or minor changes to your infrastructure or code

NearBeach is currently in Beta and we are driving forward fast in adding new functionality and stability.

Browser Stack

We would like to thank Browser Stack for all our browser testing needs.

Support NearBeach

We are very happy to receive any amount – no matter how small. Why don’t you Become a Patron!