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An open source project management system, created by the community

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Welcome to NearBeach. We are a small community of developers trying to make tools to help you manage your projects. Why not join our community and we can build the tools that you require.

NearBeach Features

We strive to develop tools that you require from gathering user requirements; construction of your projects; and then finally deployment of your projects.

Gather User Requirements

You will need to track what a user requirements are. Why not use NearBeach’s user requirements? We have even added another level where you can break down those requirements into smaller items. We call them Requirement Items

Kanban Boards

A staple in most development and planning. NearBeach has worked hard to get it’s kanban board functioning for users.

Tasks and Projects

Once you have those requirements down, you’ll need to create projects and tasks for tracking purproses. You’ll be able to assign a single task to multiple users - team driven development.

Community Support on Discord

We want to invite you to our discord - where you’ll not only be able to get help but also request features, or report any issues you have been having. We are a community driven development and want to hear from you.

Request for Changes (deployment)

Once you have that project almost finished. You’ll want to deploy. You’ll need a simple solution that notifies everyone what they are doing for the deployment and when. We’ve built that solution for you.

Setup Organisations and Customers

A simple solution to store customers and organisations. Track the projects/tasks/requirements that have been assigned to them.

Community Designed

We want to develop something the community wants. To do that we are opening up to the community. Why not join us on Discord

Dog food development

Some of the best software made has always been used by the developers. We are currently using NearBeach to actually build NearBeach - this is called “Dog food development” in the development world. This helps us find issues and blockers faster - and from there fix them faster for you.

Thank you Browser Stack

We would like to thank Browser Stack for supporting us with testing. Browser Stack is used to test NearBeach on multiple different browsers, on different Operating Systems. A very valuable tool for us to make sure NearBeach will run perfectly on your system, whether it is a Mobile, Tablet, or a conventianal computer.

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Open Source Code

NearBeach is open sourced and available on Github. We strive to be as transparent as possible.

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