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NearBeach Features

Our love of open source software has driven us to create the tools you can use to complete you projects. NearBeach is an Open Source project management tool with no licensing costs.



Setup Organisation/Customer Data

Collect basic information on your customers and organisations. Be able to connect them to certain Requirements, projects, and tasks.


Screenshot of the organisation information page



Gathering Customer Requirements


We want it to be easy for you to track and complete you customer's requirements. We have created the modules; requirement, and requirement items, to store both a helicopter view of the customer's requirements, followed by a more detailed breakdown of each requirement's items.

Each requirement and requirement item can be linked to a project or task, which the progress can be tracked within the requirement module.


Screenshot of gathering user requirements



A screenshot of the requirement links - showing all objects connected to that requirement and their status



Create Projects/Tasks


Collaboration between different departments and users is an important goal for any organisation. NearBeach has constructed it's permissions and assignments to enable this collaboration. Both projects and tasks can be shared between different groups and users.

A screenshot of the task information page - where the user gets to read up on the task description



Create Request for Change


Change Advisory Boards (CAB) will require certain data and information before advising or accepting a change. This information will be;

  • Helicopter description of change, and why it is required
  • Detail of what services and products the change is being applied too
  • Gathering all risks associated with the change, and what could be effected when applying the change
  • The method used to implement the change, and who is responsible for each of the tasks
  • Back out plan if something goes wrong
  • Test plan to make sure everything has been deployed correctly

NearBeach's Request for Change module will help storing this data, and also tracking it's progress during the request for change.

Screenshot of a new request for change - where the user is outlying what they are changing
A screenshot of the change task list - all the changes required in this request for change





Kanban Board


When creating tasks/projects do not suit your project management style, we have a build in kanban board.

Image of Kanban board in Dark Mode