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A quick update on 0.30 upcoming release

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A very quick update on NearBeach's 0.30 progress - May 8th 2023

Bug Fixes

A large proportion of time has gone into fixing as many bugs as possible. Currently we have fixed 40 bugs, with an aim of completing another 20 more out of the queue. As we start rolling out the release candidates, we'll be doing further testing into NearBeach and fixing any extra bugs we find.


A small snapshot of the bug list

New Features

The other large proportion of time spend on NearBeach has been implementing new functionality and improvements to NearBeach. These include but not limited too;

Aiming for 0.30 release

We are currently aiming to release NearBeach 0.30 at the end of May, or worst case, in the middle of June. We are still working on NearBeach during our Monday, Wednesday, and Friday streams.