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NearBeach 0.30.30 Release

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NearBeach 0.30.30

It has taken us just under a month to do a new release. This release we were focusing on the flow of NearBeach. This means improvements to the object status and how they effect the front end.

28 bugs were fixed for this release, which by far exceeds our usual 3 - 5 bugs per release.

A breakdown of what was completed can be found on our release notes -

NearBeach Flow

What does the NearBeach flow mean?

NearBeach flow is how we change an object's status. So when we close an object, it will automatically reload the page to solidify the object's data. This makes it so no more changes to the object can be applied after the fact.

What if I accidentally close an object?

With the improved NearBeach flow, now you can easily change the status and it'll reopen the object. Once reopened it will refresh the page and go back into edit mode.

This is designed to be as simple as possible to the end user.