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NearBeach April 2024 Goals

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Count of Bugs

Information Updated On: April 19, 2024

Current: 16

Scheduled: 0

Release: 0

Blocked: 0

Code Coverage Backend: 70%

Code Coverage Frontend: 30%

Current Release

0.31.14 on 17th of April, 2024

The Usual Aims

During the last week of March, we did a full site test with normal privileged users. We tested using both Team Leader and Read Only users and found a number of small issues. We are currently fixing these.

The usual aims;

A screenshot of the temporary sprint functionality

Gantt Chart Functionality

We have finished developing the proof of concept sprint functionality for NearBeach. Now we need to focus of new tools for that sprint functionality. Those tools include implementation of a Gantt chart.

The gantt chart functionality will replace the temporary sprint functionality (pictured above). Users will be able to plot out their different projects/tasks/items using the gantt chart functionality.


Podman Container

Docker and Podman have changed the landscape when it comes to deploying applications. They have removed a lot of the complexity around the deployment of said applications.

One of our goals in the 0.30 branch was to make NearBeach as easy as possible to install. We have succeeded with this using docker. However we want to offer the choice of utilising Podman as well.

Over the next few weeks, we will be implementing Podman containers for a Nearbeach install. This will means users will now have the choice of using either Docker or Podman to deploy their NearBeach application.