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NearBeach December 2023 Goals

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Count of Bugs

Information Updated On: July 05, 2024

Current: 16

Scheduled: 3

Release: 0

Blocked: 0

Code Coverage Backend: 74%

Code Coverage Frontend: 35%

Current Release

0.31.31 on 5st of July, 2024

Aims for December

Full site text and bug fixes

The great news is - we were able to do a full site test in November and ended up crushing 50 bugs. We want to do this again.

We have started to notice a lot of the bugs are no longer complicated, and are easy fixes (usually needing 1 - 5 lines of code). We are hoping this means NearBeach is getting to a rather stable point. Having this stable point means better feature implementations in the near future.

Improving Object Flow

One area of improvement that did appear when both using NearBeach and testing, was the flow of an object.

The flow of an object is it's lifecycle from when a user creates the object, to when they finally close it. What happens if a user accidentally closes an object and needs to reopening it? Who can do that task, and how can they do that task? That is all part of the flow.

A lot of this flow adjustment will be just discussion for December. However we are hoping to improve it with small little fixes over the next coming months.

Documentation Testing and Improvement

I am at that point where I need to sit down with someone who does not know anything about NearBeach and hand them the documentation. The idea of this is to gauge how well the documentation informs the users on how;

From this we can adjust our documentation or fill in the blanks where required. Documentation is a living document and will constantly be improved on each month.

Test Coverage

We spent a lot of time in November getting the boiler plate unit tests up and running for the frontend of NearBeach. Along the way we were able to fix a couple of other issues that we noticed.

From here we are ready to start writing the unit tests for NearBeach's front end. This includes mocking up any axios calls, making sure the units render correctly etc.

We are hoping to achieve at least a 2% point increase for both the frontend and backend unit tests.

Improvements to the Marketing Site

We sadly have let a few features slide in the last few months due to focusing on the NearBeach application. We are hoping to revisit the marketing site to make many improvements.

These improvements will hopefully allow us to create better blogs, and information pages. You can see some of the scheduled improvements in the above image.

New Features

Some of the new features we want to focus on are;

Public Links for Objects

This is a community request.

Essentially we want to implement the ability for a read only link to be sent out so external users can follow up on their tasks/projects/cards/etc. We'll have to implement a way to control these links, i.e. delete them when no longer needed.

Implementing Vite for Compiling/Testing

We have been using vitest for a while now. It is time to move the compiling of the code from Webpack into Vite.

RFC Lists who can approve

This feature came about when I was confused at who can approve an RFC. There was no simple list telling me which users had the permission to approve said RFC.

Looking At

  • Investigating of Two Factor Authentication
  • Investigate OAuth2 as a potential secondary login (with the ability to connect to Github issues etc).
  • 0.31.0 - where are we for this
    • New Build Process
    • Automate most build
  • Discuss process on updating packages
  • Investigate where to place End-to-end testing. Is CircleCI a good place to put this
  • Implementing "My Jobs" feature into NearBeach, where users can specify what to focus on on certain days
  • Implementing "Gantt charts" and what is required

Retrospective for November

If you would like to see our retrospective for November, you can visit our Patreon here -