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NearBeach February 2024 Goals

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Count of Bugs

Information Updated On: May 31, 2024

Current: 23

Scheduled: 0

Release: 0

Blocked: 0

Code Coverage Backend: 74%

Code Coverage Frontend: 35%

Current Release

0.31.25 on 22nd of May, 2024

The Usual Aims

The four horsemen of NearBeach improvements are making an appearance again. These four aims will constantly be in each months aims, as they have no end goal. There are always small and large improvements we can achieve with these aims, and we aim to do improvements for these each month;

A list of all current bugs in NearBeach

Improvements to NearBeach

The following are a list of improvements that we wish to achieve this month. Many of the improvements that we were unable to achieve last month have been ported over into this list.


New Features For NearBeach

Card322 - Custom object "Status" editor

We have recently implemented NearBeach flow, which allows users to have custom status on each object. At the moment the only way to implement these status' is to do it insdie the Django Admin Dashboard.

We will build functionality that will allow the user to, create, edit, and sort these custom status in the system.

Gantt Charts

Project management is not project management without Gantt Charts. We are finally re-implementing the back into NearBeach.


The sprints feature will slowly be built over the next couple of months. There are many features we would like to place into the Sprints section of NearBeach.