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NearBeach June 2024 Goals

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Count of Bugs

Information Updated On: May 31, 2024

Current: 23

Scheduled: 0

Release: 0

Blocked: 0

Code Coverage Backend: 74%

Code Coverage Frontend: 35%

Current Release

0.31.25 on 22nd of May, 2024

New Features

Card391 - Implementation of Schedules Projects/Tasks

This feature has already been started. We will continue developing this feature during this month. Users will be able to schedule repetitive tasks/projects/cards to be automatically created at;

We have been able to create the template section of this feature, and are currently (as of May 31st 2024), building the scheduled section of this feature.


Card342 - Re-implementation of Story points in NearBeach

NearBeach will have the story points re-implemented. The idea being it will sit at the;

levels. With the caviot that Requirements will have a SUM of all requirement item's story points.

Screenshot of the new "My Planner" feature in NearBeach

The Usual Monthly Ongoing Tasks

Testing new and improved features

We have implemented new features over the last two months. These will need to not only be documented, but tested thoroughly.



Looking at expanding existing documentation. Currently the documentation on how to use NearBeach is thread bare. This documentation will need to expand into;

There are many other sections of NearBeach that currently do not have any documentation what so ever;


Improvements to unit tests

As we have implemented new features into NearBeach, we also have to implement more unit tests for them. These include but now limited too;


Improvements to marketing site

This will include umbraco updates, a few bug fixes, and a few new components.


You can find our retrospective blog for May 2024 on our patreon.