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NearBeach March 2024 Goals

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Count of Bugs

Information Updated On: July 05, 2024

Current: 16

Scheduled: 3

Release: 0

Blocked: 0

Code Coverage Backend: 74%

Code Coverage Frontend: 35%

Current Release

0.31.31 on 5st of July, 2024

The Usual Aims

With the release of 0.31 branch, we are going to focus more on full site testing, bug fixing, and improved documentation. It has come to our knowledge that there currently is a large section of documentation in NearBeach that needs to be written up.

The usual aims are;

  • Full site testing and bug fixing
  • Documentation testing and improving
  • Improvements to Unit Testing
  • Improvements to Marketing Site
A screenshot of the new diagnostic tools

New Features for NearBeach

The next few months of NearBeach's development will be dealing with the following three new features. These features are rather large and will consume the vast majority of development time. We are however looking forward to their deployment, as they are required features that we need for us to project management NearBeach's development. Eating your own dog food at it's best.


Podman Container

Docker and Podman have changed the landscape when it comes to deploying applications. They have removed a lot of the complexity around the deployment of said applications.

One of our goals in the 0.30 branch was to make NearBeach as easy as possible to install. We have succeeded with this using docker. However we want to offer the choice of utilising Podman as well.

Over the next few weeks, we will be implementing Podman containers for a Nearbeach install. This will means users will now have the choice of using either Docker or Podman to deploy their NearBeach application.



Many teams utilise agile for development. Splitting up their time into smaller chunks gives them the ability to pivot very quickly. Sprints are those small time chunks. Over the next month or two, NearBeach will slowly implement the basic sprint functionality into NearBeach. With the ability to extend more functions into the sprints, i.e. implementing stand up questions, implementation of story points.


Gantt Chart

Sometimes project management is a complex beast, which needs to be visualised to understand. Using Gantt charts are essential as it will show the tasks/projects relationship against the schedule. Users will be able to modify start/end dates for these projects/tasks to better manage users' time. 

Currently we will be implementing Gantt charts at the following levels;

However this may change during the development, as we have yet to fully plan this new feature.