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NearBeach November 2023 Goals

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The numbers

The following just outlines where we are with bugs etc. These will change daily

Count of Bugs

Current: 10

Scheduled: 4

Release: 0

Blocked: 0

Code Coverage: 73%

VueJS Code Coverage: ~34%

Current Release

0.30.27 on 22nd of November 2023

Aims for November


Bugs will always be a goal to decrease in any given month. There will ALWAYS be bugs in the system. We were able to crush 20 bugs last month.

Currently we only have 14 known bugs in the system, where only 1 of those is a major issue. The vast majority of bugs have either a normal or less impact to the end user.

Full site test

We are scheduling a full site test after the release of 0.30.21. The idea of this full site test is to test ever single module within NearBeach. A high level of attention to detail will be applied site wide.

[UPDATE] We have done a thorough site test after the release of 0.30.22. The site test has found an additional 33 bugs. We have scheduled these bugs for a fix over the next few releases.


During the month of November we want to also increase the number of unit tests. Currently we are going through the process of including ALL VueJS components into the vitest scripts. This is a long process that takes a lot of time due to the large number of components. Hopefully once done we'll be able to give a realistic number for the code coverage. Currently we think we are about 30% of the way through this process.

Eating your own dogfood

At NearBeach we are currently eating our own dogfood. What does this mean? Well, we are using NearBeach to build NearBeach -

With this process - we are hoping to find any issues, and also determine any ways we can improve NearBeach.


We sadly were not able to create much impact to the documentation last month. So the task from last month is being ported over into this month;

New Features

We are currently looking at implementing the following new features;



Automation is very important. The more I can automate, the less time I need to spend on it. Most of our automation goes towards either

For the month of November, we want to have a look at automating the publishing of NearBeach to pypi. For this we are reasearching PyPi Trusted Publishers. We are hoping this will automatically build NearBeach and publish to Pypi when we do a release on github.

Currently Investigating

Retrospective for October

If you would like to see our retrospective for October, you can visit our Patreon here -