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NearBeach October 2023 Goals

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The numbers

The following just outlines where we are with bugs etc. These will change daily

Count of Bugs

Scheduled: 5

Current: 17

Release: 0

Blocked: 2

Code Coverage: 70%

VueJS Code Coverage: ~1%

Current Release

0.30.18 on 29th of October 2023

Aims for October


Once again, our goal is to crunch as many bugs as we possibly can during the month of October. Last month we were able to fix 27 bugs getting our bug count down to 13 by the end of the month. We are hoping that we are able to achieve similar feats this month.

Full site test

As the number of bugs are dwindling down, we'll need to do a full shakeout test of the site. There will always be bugs and we have to find them.

Unit Testing & Code Coverage

Sadly we were not able to increase the code coverage last month as this task got away from us. Hopefully during the month of October we'll set aside sometime to at least get the following;

We were able to implement Playwright to do End-to-End testing. Currently we have set it up to check each page loads with no errors, and then takes a screenshot so we can quickly check to make sure all components are rendering.


This month, we want to focus on improving our existing documentation by cleaning up and formatting. Followed by including the following articles;

New Features

We are currently looking at introducing the following new features;

Currently Investigating

The following items are potentially new features that we would like to implement into NearBeach. We are currently in the research phase for these items;