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NearBeach Release 0.30

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WOW - have we been busy

The last 7 months have certainly been a ride. Knowing that the 0.30 release will be a breaking change due to a database restructure, we wanted to bring you our most stable release. Just look at how many bugs we have fixed :D

What is the current release

It has been a bit over a week since our initial launch of 0.30.0, and since then we have released two more (as of writing, we have released 0.30.2).

What are the next plans?

We are planning smaller and faster releases. With the help of automating our release pipeline, we believe we can achieve this goal. At the moment we are looking at fixing bugs and getting NearBeach as stable as possible before we move onto building new features.

When will there be new features?

In the very near future. We are hoping by the end of the 0.30 branch, we will have a stable base. One which we can build new functionality on.