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NearBeach September 2023 Goals

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The numbers

The following just outlines where we are with bugs etc. These will change daily

Count of Bugs

Scheduled: 4

Current: 16

Release: 0

Blocked: 3

Code Coverage: 70%

VueJS Code Coverage: 0%

Current Release

0.30.14 on 20th of September 2023

Aims for September


We are going to do a full site test in September. We want to find every single bug no matter how small. Once completed, we want to reduce the amount of bugs down to < 10 (if possible).

Unit Testing

Finding and fixing bugs is one thing - writing in tests so we don't introduce any more bugs is also very important.

Backend Tests

We have restructured the folder structure for the django/python unit tests. This will hopefully make it easier to determine where the unit tests will live.

We currently have a code coverage of 70% - we want to get this to 75% by the end of September.

Frontend Tests

We have setup Vitest for testing the VueJS components. Currently we have NO tests.

We currently have a code coverage of 0% - we want to get this to 5% by the end of September.

Finish Documentation

We have so much documentation to finish;

New Features

We currently only have two new features that we are focusing on in September.

  1. Ability to save user settings - i.e. if a particular level is collapsed on the kanban board. This particular feature will be used in multiple places like;
    1. Dashboard
    2. Kanban board
    3. User theme preferences
    4. etc
  2. Adding in more default permission sets into the migration files. So users can see more examples of permission sets

Planning Features

We want to implement these features in September, however feel we won't have enough time. Hence we are planning