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NearBeach September 2023 retrospective

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Big Thank You

A very big Thank you to those who have contributed to NearBeach this past month. With their help we have been able to implement Minio support within NearBeach. We are extremely greatful at their contributions and look forward to many more in the future.

What did we achieve?

The past month has been awesome. We have achieved the following;

What did we miss?

The only two items we missed are;

We also sadly didn't get the number of bugs under 10, however we have achieved a massive amount of fixes within the last month. The bug count currently sits at 17 as of writing this article.

What is left for September

There are a few things left to do this month. We would love to increase code coverage just by a little amount to hopefully achieve this goal. We feel we should try and achieve these goals for this month.

Along with code coverage, we want to do a full site test. We want to be able to find and report all those bugs.

Lastly - we are getting ready for Hacktoberfest, however we'll have some more news soon.