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Plans for 0.30

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Now that 0.30.3 has been released - what are the plans for the rest of the 0.30 branch?

Bug Fixes

One of the focus for the 0.30 branch is to fix bugs and make NearBeach as stable as possible.

Improvement UI/UX

A nice User Interface and User Experience is required. This will need the most input from everyone. So please - tell us if there is something you think can be improved. We are trying to improve everyone's workflow

Automation of Repetative System Admin Tasks

One of our focus for improvement is the deployment system. For example at the moment for us to deploy static files we need to;

  1. Collect the static files on our local environment
  2. Push the static files to an S3 bucket
  3. Log into Cloudflare's R2
  4. Start a migration process to pull the files from S3 to R2

As you can read, there are a few steps to do after a deployment. Now the new method will be;

  1. Follow the deployment process - when creating a release, github actions will automatically deploy static files

We are hoping this will save time for everyone.

Simplification of Code

Some code has gotten hard - and it is time to review and refactor. We want this code to be as open as possible to everyone.


A lot of the documentation should be changed. We pivoted how we want you to install NearBeach, and now need to reflect that in the documentation. If you find anything unclear or missing, please get in contact with us

New Feature Requirement Gathering for Future 0.31

Whilst fixing all the code and documentation, we are also starting to gather requirements for new features. If you have any needs/wants, please contact us.