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Why Django, Why VueJS

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There have been many times I've been asked the question "Why do you use Django? Why do you use VueJS?". Well, would you like to find out why?


NearBeach started out as a learning project, I wanted to see if I could build an open source project management system. It has since then evolved to be a lot bigger. At the time of starting NearBeach, I knew a little PHP however my Python knowledge was a lot stronger. So I simply Googled "Python Web Framework" and Django was the first option. After completing the tutorial within 20 - 30 minutes, I was up and running writing the first lines of NearBeach.

If there had been a different python web framework like Flask at the top, I would most likely be talking about how I am currently using that framework.

TLDR: Django appeared at the top of the google search


I started learning VueJS in my previous job. I have since then used it for multiple different projects successfully. Back in August 2020, I had decided to rewrite all of NearBeach (deleted about 95% of the code base). The two main frameworks I was thinking of using for the frontend were either ReactJS or VueJS. The only reason why VueJS won out of the two was due to the fact I am more familiar with it.

TLDR: I was more familiar with VueJS

Other Languages/Frameworks

I am not a person who likes to stay on one framework or language. Since learning how to program, I have used the following languages/frameworks;

These will NOT be the only languages/frameworks I'll ever use, and I am looking to expand my knowledge.